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Gantt charts are a planning and scheduling tool created by Henry Gantt. Designed as a bar chart, a Gantt diagram groups in a single view all sub-elements of a global project. Gantt charts allow to keep an eye on the various activities and phases of a project. The respective deadlines can be compared, and prioritized.

A simple Gantt chart

Gantt chart is nowadays a common and widely used project management tool. Even if new techniques like Agile methodology or Kanban approach are now available, they can't replace the old tool created by Henry Gantt.

A Gantt chart can be hand-made, but various softwares are now available to help and automatize charts construction. Even Excel now offers this functionality by using some templates (see the links on the right for more resources)

Gantt chart is used by all project managers and is taught in most management courses: to know how to use this tool is now mandatory in all modern companies.

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